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Built By A Teacher For Teachers

Born from the practical needs of a bustling school environment, StudentDismiss is not just another app on the market; it’s a solution forged in the very trenches of educational management. Created by a teacher who experienced first-hand the daily challenges of school dismissal, this app was initially designed to streamline the end-of-day chaos at his own school. Recognizing the transformative impact it had, he was inspired to share this tool with other schools.

This origin story is at the heart of StudentDismiss’s simplicity and affordability. It’s a product built by an educator for educators, with a deep understanding that solutions in a school setting must be straightforward and cost-effective. There’s no steep learning curve, no hefty price tag, just a straightforward, user-friendly app that does exactly what it needs to do—simplify the dismissal process. This teacher’s commitment to education and community makes StudentDismiss not just a tool but a companion in the quest for a better school day.

Walkie-Talkie Dismissal vs. StudentDismiss: A Comparative Overview

Embrace the Future of School Dismissal Management

Walkie-Talkie Dismissal
  • Noisy – often involves loud and frequent interruptions, disrupting classrooms and causing stress for students and teachers.
  • Intrusive – Everyone hears every call.
  • Inefficient – Easy to miss calls.
  • Disruptive to Learning: With walkie-talkies, teachers and students must constantly listen for student names, interrupting their ability to use this time for teaching, preparation, or other tasks.
  • Negative End of Day – Students and teachers are stressed over being quiet and listening for names, with teachers often reminding students to “be quiet!” Not the best way to end a day.
Student Dismiss Dismissal
  • Quiet and Orderly – StudentDismiss operates silently, maintaining a calm and focused classroom environment during dismissal.
  • Low-key – Only the student’s classroom gets notified.
  • Efficient – Calls stay highlighted so they aren’t missed.
  • Enhanced Learning Time: StudentDismiss operates silently and visually, allowing teachers to continue teaching or handling other tasks without interruption, maximizing the use of classroom time.
  • Positive End of Day – Students and teachers can now focus on other things, and because dismissal is visual, there is no absolute requirement to be quiet. Students can engage with each other, and the teacher can choose to work with students or complete other tasks. A great way to end the school day!

How StudentDismiss Helps Teachers? The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Teachers typically devote 54 hours per week to their work, often leading to burnout and stress. StudentDismiss reduces the administrative burden, giving teachers back valuable time.

A significant 60% of teachers have expressed feeling stressed out, with many considering leaving the profession. Our app simplifies the dismissal process, reducing stress and improving job satisfaction.

Teachers and principals report job-related stress at twice the rate of the general working population. By streamlining the dismissal process, StudentDismissalApp helps to alleviate this stress.

A staggering 92% of teachers report feeling a lack of connection and support. StudentDismissalApp provides a tool that simplifies a daily task, showing support for teachers in their roles.

Streamlining Dismissals, Reducing Stress, and Empowering Teachers

StudentDismiss is more than just an app – it’s a solution to the stress and inefficiency of traditional dismissal processes. By reducing the administrative burden on teachers, we give them back valuable time that can be better spent on teaching, student groups, and preparation.

Our platform simplifies the dismissal process, reducing the stress that 60% of teachers experience and helping to alleviate the double rate of job-related stress reported by teachers and principals. With StudentDismiss, teachers feel supported and connected, addressing the lack of support reported by 92% of teachers.

It’s the same dismissal process you’re used to, but significantly improved, streamlined, and quiet. Embrace the simplicity of StudentDismiss and transform your dismissal process today.

Seamless Integration, Significant Improvement with StudentDismiss

Embrace the simplicity of StudentDismiss. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing dismissal process, requiring minimal changes to your current operations. The transition from a walkie-talkie based system to our app is straightforward.

Unlike other solutions, we don’t require extensive parent involvement or major process overhauls. The only change is the tool you use – an intuitive, user-friendly app instead of a walkie-talkie. With StudentDismiss, you can streamline your dismissal process without the stress of a complete system overhaul. It’s the same process, just significantly improved – and quiet!

Features In This App

A Comprehensive App for Efficient, Quiet, and Stress-Free Student Dismissals

Discover why schools are choosing StudentDismiss. Limited slots available - Click here to schedule your complimentary 15 min. consultation now!

Nothing To Install And Available On All Your Devices

Experience the convenience of StudentDismiss without the hassle of installation. Our web-based platform is accessible from any device with an internet connection – a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Whether in the classroom, office, or the car line, managing student dismissals is just a few taps away. Embrace the flexibility and accessibility of StudentDismiss and transform your school’s dismissal process today.

Available On IPhone, IPad And All
Android Devices With A Web Browser.

Transform Your School's Dismissal Process

StudentDismiss is designed to revolutionize the way schools handle student dismissals. By replacing traditional, noisy walkie-talkie systems with a streamlined, digital solution, we’re reducing the administrative burden on teachers and creating a more orderly and less stressful end to the school day. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Reduced Teacher Workload

With StudentDismiss, teachers can focus more on teaching and less on managing the dismissal process. According to EdWeek, teachers typically devote 54 hours per week to their work, often leading to burnout and stress. By simplifying the dismissal process, we’re giving teachers back valuable time and reducing teacher burnout.

Improved Dismissal Efficiency

StudentDismiss streamlines the dismissal process, making it more efficient and less chaotic. No more noisy walkie-talkie calls or confusion about which students should be dismissed and when. With our app, the dismissal process is organized, efficient, and quiet, contributing to a smoother end to the school day.”

Enhanced Student Safety

Student safety is a top priority, and StudentDismiss helps enhance it. With our app, schools can ensure that students are dismissed orderly, reducing the risk of confusion or mix-ups. Plus, with less noise and chaos at the end of the day, students can focus on safely getting to their designated dismissal points.

Support for Teachers and Student-Centered Solutions

StudentDismiss is more than just an app; it’s a tool for improving the educational environment for both students and teachers. We’re committed to supporting teachers in their roles and designing human-centered solutions that put the needs of students first. With StudentDismiss, we’re helping to create a better end-of-day experience for everyone in the school community.


Quick Start with Video Tutorials and Onboarding Template

At StudentDismiss, we believe in making things simple and fast. That’s why we’ve created a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials that guide you through every feature of our app. From setting up your account to managing the dismissal process, our tutorials ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

To further streamline your onboarding process, we provide a handy onboarding template. This intuitive tool helps you quickly set up your school’s dismissal process within the app, saving you time and effort.

And remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you. Whether you have a question about a feature or need help with setup, we’re just a call or email away. With StudentDismiss, you’re always supported.


Privacy and Security with StudentDismiss

Powered by Heroku: Secure by Design

StudentDismiss is hosted on Heroku, a platform known for its robust security measures. Heroku’s inherent security features, including regular updates, strict access controls, and advanced threat detection, provide a secure foundation for our app. This means you can trust that your data is protected with industry-leading security standards.

Minimal Data Collection: Privacy First

We believe in respecting and protecting your privacy. That’s why StudentDismiss only collects the minimum amount of student data necessary for the app to function – namely, their name, grade, and teacher. We don’t ask for more than we need, ensuring that student privacy is always prioritized.

Controlled Access: You’re in Charge

With StudentDismiss, you have control over who sees what. Our user access controls allow you to manage who can access student data, giving you the power to protect your students’ information. You can trust that with StudentDismiss, your data is not only secure but also under your control.


Committed to Security: We’re Here for You

At StudentDismiss, we’re committed to maintaining the security and privacy of your data. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with any security concerns or questions you may have. With StudentDismiss, you’re not just getting a tool to streamline your dismissal process – you’re partnering with a team that values and protects your security.

Experience the Simplicity of StudentDismiss: A Visual Tour

Explore the user-friendly interface of StudentDismiss through these screenshots. Each image showcases how our app streamlines the dismissal process, making it easier, quieter, and more efficient for everyone involved.

How it Works: Simplifying the Dismissal Process

From Caller to Classroom: Streamlined Student Dismissals at Your Fingertips


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Percent of Teachers Stressed Out




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Transparent and Affordable Pricing for Every School

Flexible Plans Tailored to Your School's Needs, with No Hidden Costs



  • No contract
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • Include all your teachers, students, and classrooms
  • No hidden costs
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Straightforward Pricing

Experience the simplicity and transparency of StudentDismiss’ pricing. We offer flexible plans tailored to your school’s needs, with options to pay $399 per school year, $475 per calendar year, or $45 monthly. There are no contracts, giving you the freedom to cancel anytime.

Our pricing includes unlimited access for all classrooms, teachers, and students within your school, adhering to our fair use standards. With StudentDismiss, what you see is what you pay – no hidden costs, no surprises, just straightforward pricing for a smoother dismissal process.

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Discover why schools are choosing StudentDismiss. Limited slots available - Click here to schedule your complimentary 15 min. consultation now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answers to Your Questions About StudentDismiss

What is StudentDismiss and how does it work?

StudentDismiss is a dismissal management app designed to streamline the student dismissal process in schools. It integrates with your existing procedures, allowing staff to queue students for dismissal through the app instead of using walkie-talkies. It’s the same process you’re used to – significantly improved and quiet.

How easy is it to transition to StudentDismiss from our current system?

Transitioning to StudentDismiss is straightforward. Our app is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing dismissal process, requiring minimal changes. We also provide video tutorials and an onboarding template to guide you through the setup process. Instead of using walkie-talkies, now staff use the app.

How does StudentDismiss enhance the student experience?

StudentDismiss creates a calm, orderly end to the school day for students. Instead of the whole class focusing on listening for names to be called, they can focus on learning, socializing, cleaning up, or anything else the teacher deems valuable.

What measures does StudentDismiss take to ensure privacy and security?

StudentDismiss is hosted on Heroku, benefiting from robust security measures. We collect minimal student data and provide user access controls, giving you control over who sees what. Your school’s privacy and security are our top priority.

How much does StudentDismiss cost?

Our pricing is per school, making StudentDismiss an affordable solution for schools of all sizes. We offer a 30-day free trial, so you can experience the benefits of StudentDismiss risk-free.

What support is available if we encounter issues with StudentDismiss?

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist with onboarding and any issues you may encounter while using the app. We’re committed to ensuring your transition to StudentDismiss is as smooth as possible, and that you have ongoing support as you use our app.

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By the end of our conversation, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether StudentDismiss is the right fit for your school. We’re here to provide the information you need to make the best decision for your school.

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